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Here are New Year's greetings from the crew of the International Space Station

Here are New Year's greetings from the crew of the International Space StationThe crew of the 64th Expedition, which is aboard the cosmic home, sent Christmas greetings to Earth 10 days ago, and now, according to tradition, it is a New Year's greeting.

What will 2021 bring? Nobody knows yet, but it is certain that humanity will remain in orbit and will conduct experiments there and explore the abyss of outer space. Three astronauts and two astronauts wished all Earthlings in traditional New York style.

As you may know, one of the most lavish New Years greetings in the world takes place every year in Times Square. At the famous Crossing of the World, it has already become a tradition that at midnight in one of the towers a large ball falls, signaling the departure of the old one and the beginning of the next year. The event is watched live by millions of people, and the next dozen in front of televisions.

The astronauts welcomed the New Year in the same way, that is, they released the globe from their hands. What is all about movies however, is that, unlike the conditions on our planet, the ball did not begin to descend, but to move upwards. This is all the result of the microgravity on board the ISS.

The crew consisting of Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Kate Rubins, Shannon Walker and Soichi Noguchi in March will have the opportunity to welcome new members who will be there aboard the Dragon-2 capsule from SpaceX. This will be the second operational flight of this vehicle and the third on board with the crew.

Elon Musk: The SuperHeavy rocket will land in a very unusual way

Elon Musk: The SuperHeavy rocket will land in a very unusual wayThe head of SpaceX has just posted on his Twitter profile what the landing maneuver of a powerful rocket will look like, which will additionally power the Starship spacecraft on flights to the Moon and Mars.

We have already seen the unusual landing method of the Starship prototype, and soon we will witness something completely new that the world of the space industry has not yet seen. The SuperHeavy rocket will not slow down with engines until the very end. Just above the ground, or rather the launch pad, it will be caught in flight by one or even two towers, which will also serve to stabilize the rocket during its launch.

As the SpaceX engineers want to reduce the weight of the vehicle, the SuperHeavy will not have landing legs like the Falcon-9 rockets. SuperHeavy will be caught in flight by graters, i.e. elements used to stabilize the rocket. Arts and Cinema work will be done by tower cranes. It may seem like a strange idea, but according to experts' calculations, it is not only doable, but also safe and, most importantly, will reduce mission costs.

As if that was not enough, SuperHeavy will be almost immediately ready for the next space mission, as its landing will take place exactly at the launch site. This concept is also crucial due to the fact that the launch of Starship and SuperHeavy will not take place from land, but from offshore platforms that are to be away from cities. It is about the deafening noise generated when vehicles take off.

The amazing SuperHeavy landing maneuver will also complement Starship. The ship is supposed to return through the atmosphere at a low angle. It is fair to say that it will be almost flat like planes fly. This arrangement of the vehicle is to allow less heating of the vehicle shell and reduce the possibility of its damage, and above all, to slow down the heavy Starship without the need to use a parachute system.

However, such a maneuver will require a completely different approach to landing than in the case of Falcon-9 rockets. The landings will be amazing. In the final phase of landing, Starship will swing heavily in different directions. Engineers want to use Raptor engines and aerodynamic surfaces on the vehicle to slow it down just in front of the landing field.

A former NASA astronaut is building a plasma engine that will allow us to quickly reach Mars

A former NASA astronaut is building a plasma engine that will allow us to quickly reach MarsThe space arms race is in full swing and another competitor is joining it, announcing that he will build a rocket powered by a plasma engine that will allow him to make his first steps on the Red Planet.

So far, in the context of the rocket for the first flight to Mars, only solutions from NASA and SpaceX have been mentioned, but it seems that another one has just joined them, namely Ad Astra, which is working on a rocket with a plasma engine. If this plan is successful, it will most likely be possible to send a much larger crew to the Red Planet than planned, and the space journey will take three times less time than traditional rockets.

It's impossible not to mention that Ad Astra's CEO is Franklin Chang Diaz, a former astronaut who flew into space during his NASA career, so he certainly knows what it's all about. In his opinion, plasma engines have a chance to drastically change our space travel capabilities, and the typical rockets used by NASA and SpaceX are ... primitive. In his opinion, the famous Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield partly agrees, who admits that if we are actually going to finally reach Mars, we actually need something new.

And although in an interview with CBC he did not refer directly to Ad Astra, it is difficult to take the words differently: "I do not think that we will reach Mars before we travel the way from helicopters to jets, or what the equivalent of traditional rockets and something will look like. more. Are plasma motors that something? They are certainly the future, because they don't burn fuel like traditional ones, and instead use an electric field to heat gases to temperatures millions of degrees higher than the combustion gas. This allows us to think of them as an alternative that allows for faster travel and, at tv review same time, less exposure of the crew to cosmic radiation, ”said Franklin Chang Diaz.

Up to 30 FPS more in Cyberpunk 2077 with a special optimization tool

Up to 30 FPS more in Cyberpunk 2077 with a special optimization toolA Russian developer known by the nickname CodeZ1LLa has created the EZ Optimizer tool, which will allow you to play this great game smoother if you have older and weak graphics.

The program is based on configuration files that are not available from the game menu, but are hidden in the game folders. Oleg Kasumov decided to use them to write the EZ Optimizer program. The effects of its use may be a positive surprise, as it greatly increases the performance of older graphics in Cyberpunk 2077 from 30 to even 80 FPS.

It is very easy to take advantage of this game optimizer 2020 (download link). Just unpack the executable from the archive and move it directly to the folder where Cyberpunk 2077 is installed. Your antivirus programs can detect it as MEDIA JOKER virus, but the program is not. Probably the point is that it is identified as an anti-cheat system.

CodeZ1LLa encourages you to take advantage of EZ Optimizer and choose from several options it offers to increase graphics performance:

Max Boost: This is a significant increase in performance with the maximum possible image quality. This mode best supports Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 models and older, Balanced: it is a balance in terms of graphics quality and performance. The author recommends that users try this option with GTX 1070 Ti and RTX 2000 hardware before trying Max Boost. Default: This option resets the game settings to the basic configuration. Disable Async: This feature improves the performance of GTX models and is not recommended for RTX card owners.

100 million years old flower unknown to science has been discovered. It is in perfect condition

100 million years old flower unknown to science has been discovered. It is in perfect conditionArchaeological research can amaze people, which is why they fascinate so many people. The best example of this is the latest discovery that was made in one of the mines.

Scientists from the Botanical Research Institute of Texas report an incredibly significant discovery from the world of botany. Well, in one of the amber mines in Myanmar (Burma), quite by accident, a flower from 100 million years ago, i.e. from the Cretaceous period, was perfectly preserved in amber. Then dinosaurs walked on the surface of the Earth.

Inspection of this unusual representative of flora showed that it has 50 stamens arranged in a spiral shape, about 2 millimeters wide at the thinnest point and about 2 centimeters high. V. pleristaminis, as this specimen is called, belongs not only to a new genus, but also to a new, previously unknown species.

The new discovery aboutmusics seem insignificant, but for botanists it is the key to understanding the flora of the supercontinent called Gondwana. The flower preserved in amber probably belongs to the order Lawrence and shows some similarity to the pollen and obturate families.

Scientists intend to conduct a series of studies related to this flower. They hope to find even more other Cretaceous specimens in the mine, perhaps even much earlier. Such discoveries help us understand the process of our planet's evolution and creation of life on it. This knowledge may also be useful when exploring foreign planets and searching for biological traces of organisms there.

Two mysterious dark storms appeared in the blue atmosphere of Neptune

Two mysterious dark storms appeared in the blue atmosphere of NeptuneScientists have used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe Neptune, one of the gas giants, which are the least known planets in the solar system. They discovered new storms in its atmosphere.

This message fired their imaginations to the point that they called on NASA and the United States government to organize a mission to this planet. Neptune, although very distant from the Sun, like Earth, experiences the changes of the seasons. However, unlike our planet, they last much longer there and are much more violent. We have known about strange, dark storms on Neptune for a long time, because the Voyager-2 probe showed them to us for the first time in the 1980s. However, we were not aware that in the meantime another fourth and fifth appeared there.

Observations since 1993 have shown us that these vortices appeared regularly over 4 to 6 years at different latitudes and existed for about 2 years. The most recent storm has existed on Neptune since at least 2018 and had a diameter of 10,000 kilometers. There were three more light storms in its vicinity.

They are created as a result of the air flow, which is disturbed and heads towards the upper part of the vortex. The gases crystallize into methane ice crystals. It is white. Similar phenomena appear on Earth when air flows through the mountains. Neptune, however, does not have a rocky surface, so the phenomenon is slightly different. The smaller white clouds are transition formations.

Meanwhile, analyzes of the images of dark vortices showed that they rotate counterclockwise, and their dark color is most likely the result of gases from inside the planet being sucked in and drawn into the upper atmosphere. Astronomers believe that the white vortices signal the appearance of the dark ones.

In August this year, Hubble detected the storm's movement. For a year it had been heading towards the equator and now back to the Pole. The big surprise for scientists is that in the meantime it has split into two parts. Now we can see two black spots in the atmosphere. The larger storm has a diameter of approximately 7,300 kilometers and the smaller 6,200 kilometers.

The latest measurements, based on data obtained from the Voyager spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope, revealed that the winds blowing through the Great Dark Spot can reach speeds of 360 km / h, roughly the same as Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot. Scientists hope that more frequent Hubble observations filmfunbox allow them to learn more about these fascinating spots.

This is very important if we want to better study alien worlds, especially those exoplanets that are quite close to our planet, and there are indications that they may have the right conditions for biological life to exist there. If we get to know the planets of the solar system better, it will also be easier for us to look for those most suitable for the flowering of life that we know from our planet.

Interestingly, it was only a few months ago that it was discovered that in Neptune's atmosphere there are frozen mixtures of water and ammonia that make up a poorly studied compound, namely ammonia hemihydrate. NASA intends to send research missions to Neptune and Uranus. Probes will be placed in their orbits that will allow us to discover the secrets of these unusual planets that are the least studied by humanity.

Oppo presented a strange, folded smartphone 3 times. See him in action

Oppo presented a strange, folded smartphone 3 times. See him in actionThe Chinese company is working on an even more innovative device than the usual foldable smartphones available on the market. The device is to consist of three parts. What do we know about him?

In the graphics, we can see that the folded smartphone will offer a very large, or actually long display. The device was designed in the Japanese design studio Nendo. It's fair to say that it looks like a powerbank, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The smartphone is to be compact enough to fit in a pocket, but at the same time, when unfolded, we can perform Movies Front that are not available for ordinary smartphones. At least this was the idea behind its creators. As it is in reality, we cannot physically verify it yet.

The information disclosed shows that when unfolded for the first time, we will have a display with a diagonal of just over 2.5 inches, which is very little, but it will be 7 inches in full. Unfortunately, it will not be 7 inches in the tablet sense, because the display is narrow, so working on it will be different from that of traditional smartphones.

The Chinese from Oppo, however, believe that the device is fully functional and will especially attract attention with its capabilities among people from the business world who want to have an unusual product in an original form and offering unusual possibilities. Oppo is planning to produce this device, so all we need to do is be patient and wait for the finished product that can be tested in practice.

New XPrize contest. $ 15 million is up for grabs for food of the future

New XPrize contest. $ 15 million is up for grabs for food of the futureIf you have an idea on how to revolutionize the global food industry, now might be the best time to share it as there is a lot of money involved.

XPrize, a non-profit organization that provides awards for achieving the required criteria in various fields of science and technology, to stimulate public competition, has just announced a new competition. Literally one week after we learned that one of the restaurants in Singapore will be able to eat meat grown in a laboratory, and more specifically chicken nuggets this year, an initiative aimed at new technologies with a chance to revolutionize the global food industry has started.

The task is not easy, because although the volunteers have 4 years to develop an alternative to meat, their solution is to look, taste, smell, resemble and cook like a classic fish fillet or a chicken breast fillet. They also need to demonstrate that their approach is sustainable and that they can scale it to meet global demand. The competition was inspired by the Future of Food Impact Roadmap report, just published by XPrize, in which the organization points to 12 groundbreaking opportunities that will one day have a chance to become a sustainable global supply chain.

One of them addresses the issue of an alternative protein source, which has been identified as one of the critical needs - according to the authors of the report, we need significant technological improvements, price drops and a noticeable change in consumer habits, all with positive health and environmental effects in relation to the classic protein animal. It seems that laboratory meat perfectly meets these needs, because, as Josh Tetrick, founder and CEO of Eat Just said, on the occasion of introducing this type of meat to Singapore: - In vitro he takes real meat - chicken, beef or lamb, and produces real meat. meat without killing animals. From a single cell, you can create unlimited amounts of meat without antibiotics, without deforestating a single macaw of earth.

The ability to produce large amounts of meat in this way is Arts www because, as the United Nations predicts, climate change will lead to a reduction of 25% of fish catches in the world, which in turn account for 17% of the global demand for animal protein, which may cause some its main source of protein. Registration for the Feed the Next Billion competition will close on April 28 next year and winners can expect $ 15 million to be shared.

Facebook will lose WhatsApp and Instagram? The American government has filed a lawsuit

Facebook will lose WhatsApp and Instagram? The American government has filed a lawsuitThe Federal Trade Commission and 48 states accuse Mark Zuckerberg's website of monopoly practices, and the company is in danger of falling into smaller parts.

According to the FTC, Facebook has been involved in anti-competitive practices for years that are inconsistent with US antitrust laws that regulate corporate conduct and are designed to promote competition for the benefit of consumers. Regulators are asking for the cancellation of Facebook's recent acquisitions, and more specifically Instagram and WhatsApp, and demanding appropriate consents for future purchases. Of course, this isn't the first time Facebook has struggled with the Federal Trade Commission, but the first time the company has faced a lawsuit from lawmakers who launched an investigation into the case last year.

48 state attorneys general, led by Letitia Jame of New York, also share the opinion, who also accused Facebook of similar practices, claiming that Movie sider had illegally suppressed competition. Of course, in the center are the above-mentioned purchases from 2012 and 2014, i.e. the acquisition by Mark Zuckerberg of Instagram for $ 1 billion and WhatsApp for $ 19 billion, respectively. Both sides, ie the FTC and states prosecutors, take the position that Facebook bought the companies to neutralize competition perceived as a threat to its own position.

- Mr. Zuckerberg came to the conclusion that by acquiring and controlling Instagram, Facebook will not only get rid of the direct threat posed by this website, but also - as a provider of a social network - will significantly hinder the popularity of other applications for sharing photos on smartphones. As with Instagram, WhatsApp represented a powerful threat to the social monopoly, so instead of competing with it, Facebook chose to buy it, according to FTC court papers.

Prosecutors add that the contracts ultimately hurt users because they had a negative impact on their privacy and limited possible alternatives to Facebook services. Moreover, Facebook increased the amount of data collected about users and the number of advertisements placed on services, while not dealing with fake accounts and disinformation. What does the interested person himself say? In the words of his VP and chief lawyer, Jennifer Newstead, he called the lawsuits historical revisionism and assured that he would defend himself with all his might against these allegations: - Antitrust law exists to protect consumers and promote innovation, not to punish successful businesses . Instagram and WhatsApp have become such unbelievable products because Facebook has invested billions of dollars in them and years of innovation and experience to create new features and better experiences for the millions who enjoy using them (...). We intend to actively defend these people's choices.

You don't have to spend a fortune on a computer for Cyberpunk 2077. Play 4K in the cloud

You don't have to spend a fortune on a computer for Cyberpunk 2077. Play 4K in the cloudThe hottest premiere of recent months is ahead of us, and in the opinion of some maybe even years, i.e. Cyberpunk 2077, but as we are just learning, the game has very high hardware requirements. This is where Google Stadia can help.

Of course, it will also be possible to launch it on weaker equipment, but then the production will certainly not look like its creators planned it for us. Cyberpunk 2077 is packed with new technologies, including real-time ray tracing, in many different guises. Therefore, the configurations that allow you to enjoy comfortable gameplay and, at the same time, great visual effects, must cost a fortune, and more specifically several thousand zlotys, which in the current situation is an unacceptable expense for many people.

You can reach for new generation consoles, because it's definitely cheaper to play, but if someone prefers computers, this option is out of the question. Fortunately, we are just learning that there is one more option, because Google unexpectedly announced that its cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, is now available in our country and it will be possible to try out many new hits with it, including the recently debuting Assassin's Creed Valhalla or just Cyberpunk 2077. We would like to remind you that it is a cloud-based platform that allows you to play great titles without special hollywood thinker because the devices we already have are enough - a laptop, computer or even a compatible phone.

There is also no need to wait for the download or update of games, because Stadia works immediately - you just need to register at stadia.com with your Gmail address. We can try the service right away with two completely free games, ie Destiny 2 or Super Bomberman R, as well as using the free one month of the service in the Pro version, where we have a whole catalog of available games. It should be remembered that although the service at first glance resembles a Netflix for games, it works a bit differently, because it only allows you to play in the cloud - we have to buy games additionally.

And even if we decide on the Pro variant, which costs PLN 39 per month in our country (you can opt out at any time), although there is a catalog of games to play here, where we can find productions such as Celeste, Hitman (1 and 2) , Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Sniper Elite 4 or SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete. In addition, only a paid subscription allows you to play 4K in 60 frames and support 5.1 sound. So, are you ready for Cyberpunk 2077? Then register at Stadia and get PLN 199, because that's how much it costs to play in this service.