Comes Maleficent 3 We asked Elle Fanning and Co

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Comes “Maleficent 3”? We asked Elle Fanning and Co.

We have numerous performers from the fairy tale film “Maleficent 2: Powers of Darkness” hit and wanted to know, among other things, whether they are “3 Maleficent” would also like to.

If Angelina Jolie in “Maleficent 2: Powers of Darkness” once more as a dark fairy with people (! But not only) to each device, it encounters many illustrious performers. We have some stars in London before the camera get (video at end of article) – especially the already from the previous “Maleficent: The dark fairy” known Elle Fanning (Aurora).

But Harris Dickinson ( “Trust”) we talked about. He plays the great love of Aurora: Prince Philip, the first part still embodied Brenton Thwaites. Our cinema scanner noticed inn the sequel also Jolie’s Maleficent’s not the only Dark Fairy. Deadpool “-Bösewicht ed skrein and” 12 Years A Slave “star Chiwetel Ejiofor playing belonging to the same species Borra and Conall.

The two all-new characters are thereby compared with a counterparty. Because Conall wants to find a way to live forever in peace with the people while Borra wants to kill all of mankind because of their atrocities in the past.

That is quite a serious issue for a Disney fairy tale film. Since we have of course the same for nachgehakt Chiwetel Ejiofor about it. But most of all we wanted from him and his colleagues to know if we can count on “Maleficent 3”.

Light tale with a heavy base

FILM STARTS: Chiwetel, yours and it Skreins figure have very opposing views about how to deal with people. What interested you in the conflict?

Chiwetel Ejiofor: I like Conalls perspective. I thought it was an interesting way to study the dynamics in a tense community and to find different alternatives. I like the fact that they play off each other. I understand both approaches and both also have historical evidence.

Chiwetel Ejiofor:

It was very exciting for me to raise the question of what happens when companies live apart, there is fear of the other and they are stigmatized – also pay what emotions and how this become a cycle of negativity and how to blow this. Those were truly interesting and important underlying theme in this story, which is a light, funny and joyful fairytale basically.

Elle Fanning wants major costars

FILM STARTS: At the end of the first film Aurora not awakened by a kiss from Prince Philip – that was one aspect that has influenced the development of the relationship between the two in the sequel?

Harris Dickinson: No – to be honest. [Laughs] I think what’s very interesting is that we see a very adult point in their relationship. I think what we’re trying to do is to present it real and feel.

Harris Dickinson:

Elle Fanning: I think it’s great that we explore their relationship further. In the center of the story are finally these three strong women and how they use their power in different ways, but the men are also incredibly important.

Elle Fanning:

It’s great to have Prince Philip in the film. He is there for Aurora and do not want it changed. He loves them for their sake and wants it to remain as it is because it in the course of the film a little lost.

She starts again, but it was very nice, playing with Harris. He’s a great actor. He is very “princely” very charming and large – it is sometimes very difficult to find someone who is taller than me. That was great.

FILM STARTS: You have the strong women already mentioned, this was an aspect that has aroused your interest in the sequel. So yes Michelle Pfeiffer as Queen new to the cast?

Elle Fanning: Oh yes. There were whispers about the fact that Michelle Pfeiffer is in the sequel and I’m freaking out – to have such an iconic confrontation between Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer, and it was special to experience with, especially around the dinner sequence and the encounter during the fight.

Elle Fanning:

Those were very special moment and to be with them on the set to learn as much very inspiring. Something that is really stuck is also as playful were in these costumes, with the horns and the cheekbones and Michelle with all beads. The two are simply there and something of willing to do that. That was very inspiring!

What are the chances for “Maleficent 3”?

FILM STARTS: Will all now live happily until the day she died, or maybe something might come in between – in the form of a sequel …?

Elle Fanning: Oh, you never know. One can always hope – once that they like this movie, but, oh my goodness – what would the next film look like anyway? I guess I would have to have children, I do not know. Maleficent could be grandmother, who knows – we’ll see.

Elle Fanning:

Ed Skrein: I think there is still a lot to discover – with Maleficent and Aurora, including Prince Philip and the fairies. But it is the decision of the makers, in which direction it may go. As a fan I would appreciate anything whatever happens next.

Ed Skrein:

Chiwetel Ejiofor: When people are involved, it is always possible that there will be another war …

Chiwetel Ejiofor:

A compilation of our interviews, in which we have also spoken among others with director Joachim Rønning, You can watch here in our video:

“Maleficent 2: Powers of Darkness” is running in German cinemas since 17 October of 2019.

“Maleficent 2: Powers of Darkness” is running in German cinemas since 17 October of 2019.