Gabriel Luna in Terminator 6 Thats what the killer robots from doing Dark Fate with Tom Cruise in Collateral

Gabriel Luna in “Terminator 6”: That’s what the killer robots from doing “Dark Fate” with Tom Cruise in “Collateral”

How is it to follow in the footsteps of an action icon like Arnold Schwarzenegger? And what Tom Cruise did with the killer cyborg in: to do “Terminator Dark Fate”? Gabriel Luna standing FILM STARTS on the set of “T6” in Hungary and answer questions.

Sattt to the disappointing “Terminator: Genisys” ties “Terminator 6: Dark Fate” at the point where franchise creator James Cameron stopped once – and after the events of outstanding second part. A fact which put the newcomer Gabriel Luna before a Herculean task: Because the Texans are in “T6” is now the new Terminator – and thus the successor to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Patrick, whose performances as a killer machines in “Terminator 2 : still enjoy day of reckoning “cult status …

FILM STARTS: You step as the new Terminator in the footsteps of one of the biggest action icons of all time. How does it feel for you as an actor, but as a fan, suddenly playing a terminator?

Gabriel Luna: I’ve always loved these films, they are simply iconic. And the funny thing is that I “Terminator” moments have felt again and again in my career – for example on the set of Robert Rodriguez’s TV series “Matador” or “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” during a chase through the L.A. River. And now I’m here and actually make the sequel to “T2”. It feels a hand unreal, gives me the other hand, the feeling of being right where I’ve always belonged.

Gabriel Luna:

A terminator like Tom Cruise

FILM STARTS: How did you do for the role? How did you experience the casting process?

Gabriel Luna: I was invited for test shots without even something to see from a script. I should re-enact a scene from Michael Mann’s “Collateral” and take on the role of embodied Tom Cruise hit man – and I knew immediately that it probably comes to the part of the terminator. The roles are in fact comparable, because in both cases is reserved, taciturn, stoic killer, but one might consider to be charming or even attractive at first entirely.

Gabriel Luna:

Also, it makes the Terminator Part somehow made to only speak when it is necessary. I think in any case that less is always more. And when I think of the first “Terminator” film, which was then already that way. Arnold had barely spoken text.

FILM STARTS: What was it like for you to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and train with Mr. Universe in person?

Gabriel Luna: It just felt like the Super Bowl of the training sessions. It was particularly funny, when I met him for the first time: I have shaken his hand and my arm while particularly tense to impress Arnold. He just said, “Your biceps looks really good!” Those were his first words to me.

Gabriel Luna:

More action than ever before: FILM STARTS on the set of “Terminator 6: Dark Fate”

FILM STARTS: Here you have then surely again put on mass, right?

Gabriel Luna: Yes, I was in the first month and every day five to six hours of training – weapons training, stunt training and workouts. During the filming of course, is not so much time for it, but my coaches were always on hand, so I could between every now and again practice the movements and stay physically in the role. while only shooting in Budapest I gained seven kilos.

Gabriel Luna:

A difficult legacy

FILM STARTS: The evil in the “Terminator” movies are nevertheless often crowd favorites. Did you have to fight with this balancing act to be both evil and good still to come?

Gabriel Luna: I always say: I’m so evil as your toaster, your microwave or your refrigerator. I do, what I was built. Is a refrigerator evil? No, he keeps your ice cold. I’m a Terminator, I schedule. And I think the audience knows it and not just bring the killer robots so blind hatred against, but can classify this situation properly. But yes, that’s of course what’s characterized the first two Terminator films.

Gabriel Luna:

Even if I play a new character, “Dark Fate” yet concludes in “Terminator” and “Terminator 2”. That’s why it needs among the figures also a common thread – or in my case just cable. Both physically and in my game, I tried to create an original creation between Arnold T-800 and Robert Patrick’s T-1000.

Technology: curse and blessing

FILM STARTS: The special effects in the first two “Terminator” films – both practical and digital – were groundbreaking. To what extent one tries to connect with “Dark Fate” here?

Gabriel Luna: The effects in the first two “Terminator” films were revolutionary. But today we live in a time when we have just seen it all. So it is, I think, only logical to go back to the origin and starting over movies front. Of course, there will be a lot of CGI in the film, at the same time but was also trying to perfect the handmade effects under the existing possibilities.

Gabriel Luna:

I think not only the symbiosis of visual and practical effects important to make tangible action, but ultimately, whatever the meaning given to a scene for the plot – otherwise the biggest, most explosive action scenes are worthless. Then we placed particular value.

FILM STARTS: The “Terminator” movies are not least a technology-criticism. How do you feel yourself to the inevitable progress in the fast lane?

Gabriel Luna: I was one of the last who registered on Facebook and her Nokia have exchanged for an iPhone. In fact, I have not even a computer for more than ten years. My office is here [pointing to his cell phone], where I have everything I need.

Gabriel Luna:

When it comes to making movies, I think it’s very important to, to deal with the technology that we use, however – even as an actor. The whole crew tried to have a look good on camera, so the least I can do is confront me with their work to facilitate their job. And this is only possible if I understand the technical aspects of their work.

“Terminator: The Dark Fate” will run from October 24, 2019 in Germany in the cinema.

“Terminator: The Dark Fate” will run from October 24, 2019 in Germany in the cinema.