Netflix with more than 20 Academy Award nominations. This creates a phenomenal giant US

It seems that the platform can still forge good after a big disappointment, which turned out to be the Golden Globes ceremony, but only on condition that the members of the academy will have a different opinion than their male peers. Meanwhile, it has become quite different, because ultimately in the hands of the station hit only 2 statues, ie. For Olivia Colman for the title role in The Crown and Laura Dern for the best supporting role in the History of marriage and Netflix had to acknowledge the superiority of a competitor, or HBO. Today we met the list of nominations for the Oscars, and history repeats itself, this time because Netflix has a chance of more than 20 statuettes. Mainly due to the Irishman and Marital History, both films are nominated in the most important category, the film of the year. The first production was nominated for a total of up to 9 times, and the second can count on 6 statuettes, including the main actors, ie. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. Another hit Netflix, ie. Two popes, has been nominated in 3 categories, American Factory and The Edge of Democracy compete for the title of best documentary, and Klaus and I Lost My Baby will compete for the title of the animation. Number of nominations is so surprising and significant that Netflix until last year lived to see his first appointments, and more caused a real storm and environment division of the film, part of which called for blocking the start of the video streaming platform in the Oscar-winning race. Your opinion on this topic uttered aloud even Steven Spielberg, but talking is over, especially the voice took on even the US Department of Justice, recalling that such a move the organization awarding Oscars is against the law.It was enough to leave the Academy voted for subscriptions unchanged, which means that the full-length films produced specifically for streaming services will still be able to fight for the Oscars, even if only for one week will be shown in the cinema in Los Angeles. Anyway, although the amount of appointment itself is impressive and ennobling, as it shows the situation with the Golden Globes, nothing is certain. But everything we know already on the night of 09/10 February because it was then held 92 ceremony of the film awards.