New on Amazon Prime Video The new film from the Oh Boy director and a great tragic comedy with the Harry Potter star

New on Amazon Prime Video: The new film from the “Oh Boy” director and a great tragic comedy with the “Harry Potter” star

This week we have a couple of movie recommendations for customers of Amazon Prime, including the strong drama theater “Lara” by Jan Ole Gerster (“Oh Boy”) and “Swiss Army Man” with Daniel Radcliffe.

The good weather is not an excuse: We recommend that you go to the cinema again, where the humorous children and seniors crime thriller “Max und die Wilde 7” started this week or the surprisingly cheerful political satire “Irresistible” by Former “Daily Show” presenter Jon Stewart (you can hear about it in our podcast Canvas Love).

However, there are also recommendations for readers who want to stream news on Amazon Prime Video (you can do it in addition to the cinema):

“Lara” by “Oh Boy” director Jan Ole Gerster

With “Oh Boy”, Jan Ole Gerster delivered an indie super hit in 2012, which hit a nerve especially with those viewers who, like the 30-year-old protagonist who wanders through Berlin Prenzelberg, don’t know exactly which direction their lives are going should.

Director Gerster changed his direction in the follow-up film “Lara” at least to the effect that the film is in color instead of black and white and has a 60-year-old protagonist, Lara (Corinna Harfouch).

But like Niko (Tom Schilling) in “Oh Boy”, Lara is looking for orientation in Berlin. She actually wanted to kill herself on her 60th birthday, but then she changes her plan at the last second and we experience outstanding acting with great, dry humor.

“Lara” is now available as a subscription to Amazon Prime Video *

“Swiss Army Man” with Daniel Radcliffe

The imaginative, wacky tragic comedy “Swiss Army Man” cannot get rid of the label of being the film in which Daniel Radcliffe plays a corpse that is constantly puffing up. And it’s true: the FMovies of the actor who became known as Harry Potter is unusual and may irritate one or the other viewer:

Daniel Radcliffe plays a dead man who is christened Manny and becomes Hank (Paul Dano’s) best buddy after he is stranded alone. Manny starts to speak slowly, is a great water dispenser and a top notch jet ski because the gas is a powerful drive.

However, “Swiss Army Man” is much more than a string of surreal bizarre facts. It is a touching tragic comedy about loneliness and friendship!

“Swiss Army Man” is now available with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video *

Brian de Palma’s “Scarface” and Bernardo Bertolucci’s masterful epic “The Last Emperor” are also new and recommended in Amazon Prime Video’s program.

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