Oppo presented a strange, folded smartphone 3 times. See him in action The Chinese company is working on an even more innovative device than the usual foldable smartphones available on the market. The device is to consist of three parts. What do we know about him?

In the graphics, we can see that the folded smartphone will offer a very large, or actually long display. The device was designed in the Japanese design studio Nendo. It's fair to say that it looks like a powerbank, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The smartphone is to be compact enough to fit in a pocket, but at the same time, when unfolded, we can perform Movies Front that are not available for ordinary smartphones. At least this was the idea behind its creators. As it is in reality, we cannot physically verify it yet.

The information disclosed shows that when unfolded for the first time, we will have a display with a diagonal of just over 2.5 inches, which is very little, but it will be 7 inches in full. Unfortunately, it will not be 7 inches in the tablet sense, because the display is narrow, so working on it will be different from that of traditional smartphones.

The Chinese from Oppo, however, believe that the device is fully functional and will especially attract attention with its capabilities among people from the business world who want to have an unusual product in an original form and offering unusual possibilities. Oppo is planning to produce this device, so all we need to do is be patient and wait for the finished product that can be tested in practice.