See for yourself whether the masks really work and it's worth wearing them According to the World Health Organization and the governments of virtually all countries of the world, face masks are the most important element of an effective fight against the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Do they really do their job? Look.

The creator of the very popular channel “Note! Naukowy Bełkot ”on YouTube, decided to check for themselves whether it is worth wearing masks and what they really give us and strangers in terms of protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

It turns out that it is a powerful weapon in the fight against the CoVID-19 pandemic and more. They are not some form of enslavement, but only to keep everyone safe. For all this to work beautifully, you need to remember to wear the masks correctly and replace them frequently or wash them if they are disposable.

"Of course, what I am showing here is only anecdotal evidence, and in addition to that, each of the three repetitions that I did gave the same, easy to predict effect. However, if it is true that a picture expresses more than a thousand words, then I would like this picture to speak for me today "- said Dawid Myśliwiec from the channel" Attention! Scientific Gibberish ”.

The number of CoVID-19 infections is increasing all over the world with each new day. However, thanks to the masks, it is possible to significantly limit the growth, which could now be even 2-3 times larger. Experts believe that only face masks, social distancing and frequent disinfection can save the lives of millions of lives. It all depends on us, our responsibility and concern for others.