Skinners 2.0 shoe socks. Here's a groundbreaking chassis from Kickstarter Do you dream about practical and comfortable footwear in which you could walk around the house, but at the same time go for a long walk in the forest or even in the mountains? Here are the Skinners 2.0 shoe socks.

Startup Skinners Technologies has designed and built footwear that many active people have been waiting for for a long time. They combine both the attributes of ordinary socks, i.e. they are light and comfortable, but also shoes for special tasks, in which we can even go hiking. Now it's time for a second, much better version.

The Skinners 2.0 socks weigh only 160 grams, are water resistant, have good grip on any surface and are very durable. The manufacturer ensures that they will easily serve their happy owners for many months. You can do at least 800 kilometers in them.

You probably think this is some fiction. Nothing could be more wrong. Although Skinners 2.0 looks like socks, in fact, not only are they in no way inferior to traditional footwear, but even superior to us in many respects, as you can see by watching the footage prepared by the startup.

Skinners 2.0 can be rolled up, so they take up little space in a backpack or travel suitcase. The shoe socks are made of antibacterial materials, but you can also wash them in the washing machine, without fear of losing their properties. The manufacturer offers a choice of colors and 7 sizes. Skinners 2.0 will be available on Kickstarter for PLN 175 per pair, including an insert and a case. Shipment is to be made to Poland. If you want to support the project, you can do so here.