The first smartphones with retractable lenses will appear next year Camera modules sliding out of the housing have been with us for a long time, and now it's time for retractable lenses. The first smartphones that offer powerful optical zooms will appear next year.

All enthusiasts of mobile photography have long been waiting for such benefits. Huge over 100-megapixel matrices are slowly becoming a standard in high-end smartphones, but so far there has been a lack of equally powerful zooms as zoom lenses provide. Now it will become a fact thanks to Xiaomi.

The Chinese company is working intensively on camera lenses that will be able to extend beyond the housing and allow you to photograph distant objects as if they were within reach. The quality of the photography is to be at a very high level.

Currently, cameras in smartphones only offer a powerful digital zoom, multiple optical or hybrid zoom, in addition supplemented by large matrices. Such possibilities are provided by periscope telephoto lenses. All solutions, however, leave much to be desired in terms of the quality of photos and cannot compete with even basic digital cameras.

Now it will change for the better. Xiaomi reports that we can expect a photographic revolution in smartphones next year. This technology is to allow the use of a larger aperture, which will increase the amount of input light by 300 percent. But it is not everything. The new camera module will have a larger anti-shock angle, thanks to which the images will be sharper planet watching 20 percent.

Fans of mobile photography will therefore be able to count on great-quality photos in poor lighting conditions, i.e. after dark. Most importantly, smartphones with retractable lenses are to have a similar thickness as currently sold.