This is what Erica looks like today. An intelligent robot will star in a Hollywood movie Humanoid robots can surprise you with their skills. This is noticed by filmmakers who intend to replace them with actors in Hollywood productions. This is just the beginning of the revolution.

If you haven't met her yet, today you have the opportunity. Erica is the newest child of the world-renowned scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro, who with his team from the University of Osaka is working on the most advanced humanoid robots in the world. Android girl from the Land of the Rising Sun looks phenomenal and delights with quite realistic body movements.

Erika is powered by artificial intelligence technologies. He can join a conversation and amused to tears, and at the same time show the full range of emotions associated with it. Hiroshi Ishiguro wants humanoid robots to replace us in most of our daily activities, which would be easier for them to do than we do. Sociologists have no doubt that such machines will appear in our homes and replace family members sooner than we all think.

Films from Close To Movies and Hollywood believe that a delicate robot does not have to be just an excellent companion for long chats. Erika has abilities no less than the famous robot named Sophia, who became a UN ambassador and even received Saudi Arabian citizenship. In Japan, this type of machine is very popular. The young generation is so far absorbed in the virtual world ruled by robots, but in the future the world of fiction will mix with the real, thanks to inventions such as Erika and Sophia.

Erica got a job in a science fiction production worth 70 million dollars a few months ago. The script looks great and is inspired by the sensational Ex-Machina. Well, the android will be created in a secret laboratory where work related to the creation of artificial DNA will be carried out. The experiments will get out of hand, however, and its creator will try to allow Erice to escape and live in our human world. Erica has a chance to become the most popular robot in human history.

We can expect that it will win not only the hearts of many sci-fi fans, but also enthusiasts of the latest technology who would like to see the reality in which people live with robots or even connect with them. If you haven't had the chance to play Detroit: Become Human, we encourage you. There, the future of our civilization was presented in a very meaningful way, related to intelligent humanoid robots. We are also waiting for new Disney productions where robots are to appear (see here).