“Aladdin 2” confirmed: But the story of the sequel will ignore fan requests

The real film remake “Aladdin” was a huge success in 2019. After the rumor mill had been simmering for a while, it is now clear: “Aladdin 2” is coming – but without referring to the continuation of the cartoon original.

The real-film remake ” Aladdin “, directed by cult director  Guy Ritchie, was a huge success in 2019 and now lingers in the Olympus of the five films that Disney earned over a billion US dollars worldwide last year (in addition to “Captain Marvel”, ” Avengers 4: Endgame ”,“ Toy Story: Everything does not stop at command ”and“ The Lion King ”). The box office result made early suspicions about a sequel and wishes about the content of the sequel.

Now it is clear: ” Aladdin 2 ” is coming – but will ignore one of the biggest fan requests. Watch movies online, as Variety reports, the past six months have been used to work out the story of the sequel. Although this is not yet known, one thing is already certain: The authors  John Gatins (“Flight”) and  Andrea Berloff (“Straight Outta Compton”) do not make a remake of ” Jafars Return “. The sequel to the cartoon ” Aladdin ” from 1994 is very popular among fans – many would have liked to see the direct-to-DVD sequel remake on the big screen.


We suspect that the story of “Aladdin 2” will instead focus more on Jasmin ( Naomi Scott ) and Jinni ( Will Smith ), who are undoubtedly one of the strengths of the first part. Whether this works depends, of course, very much on whether the cast returns:

It is not yet clear whether Will Smith or Naomi Scott will be back in Part 2 – but quite likely.  After all, all three were already guarantors of success for Part 1. Nevertheless, such a return is always a question of time – whether Guy Ritchie finds time for “Aladdin 2″ in addition to ” The Gentlemen ” advertising drum and the production of ” Cash Truck ” remains to be seen.