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See for yourself whether the masks really work and it's worth wearing them

The creator of the very popular channel \u201cNote! Naukowy Be\u0142kot \u201don YouTube, decided to check for themselves whether it is worth wearing masks and what they really give us and strangers in terms of protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Skinners 2.0 shoe socks. Here's a groundbreaking chassis from Kickstarter

Startup Skinners Technologies has designed and built footwear that many active people have been waiting for for a long time. They combine both the attributes of ordinary socks, i.e. they are light and comfortable, but also shoes for special tasks, in which we can even go hiking. Now it's time for a second, much better version.

A robo-dog has appeared in Chernobyl. Will warn about rising radiation

As part of extensive testing, the management of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant decided to hire a four-legged robot to inspect the facility and its surroundings. For several years now, a new sarcophagus has been towering over the famous reactor No. 4, which is to protect the world against radiation emission for about 100 years.

The first smartphones with retractable lenses will appear next year

All enthusiasts of mobile photography have long been waiting for such benefits. Huge over 100-megapixel matrices are slowly becoming a standard in high-end smartphones, but so far there has been a lack of equally powerful zooms as zoom lenses provide. Now it will become a fact thanks to Xiaomi.

In China, the first fully autonomous taxis are already running on the roads

Two months ago, Baidu flooded the streets of Beijing, the capital of China, with hundreds of Apollo robotic taxis that drive residents around virtually the entire city, and now another company offers similar services in Shenzhen. We are talking about not just any player, because the AutoX company, which belongs to the Alibaba group.

New XPrize contest. $ 15 million is up for grabs for food of the future

XPrize, a non-profit organization that provides awards for achieving the required criteria in various fields of science and technology, to stimulate public competition, has just announced a new competition. Literally one week after we learned that one of the restaurants in Singapore will be able to eat meat grown in a laboratory, and more specifically chicken nuggets this year, an initiative aimed at new technologies with a chance to revolutionize the global food industry has started.

Oppo presented a strange, folded smartphone 3 times. See him in action

In the graphics, we can see that the folded smartphone will offer a very large, or actually long display. The device was designed in the Japanese design studio Nendo. It's fair to say that it looks like a powerbank, but nothing could be further from the truth.

100 million years old flower unknown to science has been discovered. It is in perfect condition

Scientists from the Botanical Research Institute of Texas report an incredibly significant discovery from the world of botany. Well, in one of the amber mines in Myanmar (Burma), quite by accident, a flower from 100 million years ago, i.e. from the Cretaceous period, was perfectly preserved in amber. Then dinosaurs walked on the surface of the Earth.

Up to 30 FPS more in Cyberpunk 2077 with a special optimization tool

The program is based on configuration files that are not available from the game menu, but are hidden in the game folders. Oleg Kasumov decided to use them to write the EZ Optimizer program. The effects of its use may be a positive surprise, as it greatly increases the performance of older graphics in Cyberpunk 2077 from 30 to even 80 FPS.

Elon Musk: The SuperHeavy rocket will land in a very unusual way

We have already seen the unusual landing method of the Starship prototype, and soon we will witness something completely new that the world of the space industry has not yet seen. The SuperHeavy rocket will not slow down with engines until the very end. Just above the ground, or rather the launch pad, it will be caught in flight by one or even two towers, which will also serve to stabilize the rocket during its launch.

Here are New Year's greetings from the crew of the International Space Station

What will 2021 bring? Nobody knows yet, but it is certain that humanity will remain in orbit and will conduct experiments there and explore the abyss of outer space. Three astronauts and two astronauts wished all Earthlings in traditional New York style.