After “Joker” and the Oscar win: First details about the new film by Joaquin Phoenix

“Joker” was not only a financial success, Joaquin Phoenix also ended the 2019/20 award season with a very personal success: the Oscar for Best Actor. Now there is first information about his first film after “Joker”.

After “ Joker ” had a very positive premiere at the Venice and Toronto film festivals, the film was threatened by a controversy about the level of violence of the film and fear of attacks and mass panic.

In the end, however, all the excitement was in vain: “Joker” has grossed $ 1.072 billion worldwide and has become one of the most successful films of 2019. Due to the relatively small budget of $ 55 to 70 million, free comic adaptation was also a huge success for Warner and DC.

And now there was another important success:  Joaquin Phoenix was awarded the Oscar for Best Actor at the 92nd Academy Awards for “Joker”.


Even though Phoenix has always been an actor whose projects you should be curious about, he has achieved a completely different status thanks to his Oscar win. That the Academy Awards have no meaning is a claim that is quickly invalidated by the amount of effort that studios and actors (and also Joaquin Phoenix) keep doing for it.

The new Oscar winner’s next project has been fixed for a long time and now there are finally new details about Phoenix’s new role. As the industry magazine Deadline reports, Phoenix plays an artist in an officially still untitled but possibly named ” C’mon C’mon ” drama who has to take care of his young, mature nephew.

Uncle and nephew make friends on a trip across the United States. The reason for the trip may be that the boy’s father has bipolar disorder. Phoenix’s next film after “Joker” will also deal at least marginally with mental illnesses.


Directed by “C’mon C’mon” is  Mike Mills (“Beginners”, Oscar nomination for the script for “Women of the Century”), who also wrote the screenplay for the film.

The film is produced by the American independent film company A24 , which has been responsible for some pearls in recent years – such as ” The Lighthouse “, ” Midsommar “, ” Hereditary ” or the ” Lady Bird ” awarded the Golden Globes and Oscars. and ” Moonlight “. Joaquin Phoenix could well be one of the favorites again for the next Oscar season.

When exactly “C’mon, C’mon” will be released in the cinemas is not yet clear. The shooting has already been completed and A24 is now looking for sales partners.