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Skinners 2.0 shoe socks. Here's a groundbreaking chassis from Kickstarter

Startup Skinners Technologies has designed and built footwear that many active people have been waiting for for a long time. They combine both the attributes of ordinary socks, i.e. they are light and comfortable, but also shoes for special tasks, in which we can even go hiking. Now it's time for a second, much better version.

This is what Erica looks like today. An intelligent robot will star in a Hollywood movie

If you haven't met her yet, today you have the opportunity. Erica is the newest child of the world-renowned scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro, who with his team from the University of Osaka is working on the most advanced humanoid robots in the world. Android girl from the Land of the Rising Sun looks phenomenal and delights with quite realistic body movements.

The surface of the dark side of Europa, the moon of Jupiter, shines like a beacon

Europe still hides many secrets from astronomers. The latest research is further evidence that if life exists there, it must exist only below the surface. This is where the salt water reservoirs are located, which are protected by the icy surface against deadly ionizing radiation.

New XPrize contest. $ 15 million is up for grabs for food of the future

XPrize, a non-profit organization that provides awards for achieving the required criteria in various fields of science and technology, to stimulate public competition, has just announced a new competition. Literally one week after we learned that one of the restaurants in Singapore will be able to eat meat grown in a laboratory, and more specifically chicken nuggets this year, an initiative aimed at new technologies with a chance to revolutionize the global food industry has started.

Two mysterious dark storms appeared in the blue atmosphere of Neptune

This message fired their imaginations to the point that they called on NASA and the United States government to organize a mission to this planet. Neptune, although very distant from the Sun, like Earth, experiences the changes of the seasons. However, unlike our planet, they last much longer there and are much more violent. We have known about strange, dark storms on Neptune for a long time, because the Voyager-2 probe showed them to us for the first time in the 1980s. However, we were not aware that in the meantime another fourth and fifth appeared there.

Up to 30 FPS more in Cyberpunk 2077 with a special optimization tool

The program is based on configuration files that are not available from the game menu, but are hidden in the game folders. Oleg Kasumov decided to use them to write the EZ Optimizer program. The effects of its use may be a positive surprise, as it greatly increases the performance of older graphics in Cyberpunk 2077 from 30 to even 80 FPS.

A former NASA astronaut is building a plasma engine that will allow us to quickly reach Mars

So far, in the context of the rocket for the first flight to Mars, only solutions from NASA and SpaceX have been mentioned, but it seems that another one has just joined them, namely Ad Astra, which is working on a rocket with a plasma engine. If this plan is successful, it will most likely be possible to send a much larger crew to the Red Planet than planned, and the space journey will take three times less time than traditional rockets.