Netflix with more than 20 Academy Award nominations. This creates a phenomenal giant US

It seems that the platform can still forge good after a big disappointment, which turned out to be the Golden Globes ceremony, but only on condition that the members of the academy will have a different opinion than their male peers. Meanwhile, it has become quite different, because ultimately in the hands of the station hit only 2 statues, ie. For Olivia Colman for the title role in The Crown and Laura Dern for the best supporting role in the History of marriage and Netflix had to acknowledge the superiority of a competitor, or HBO. Today we met the list of nominations for the Oscars, and history repeats itself, this time because Netflix has a chance of more than 20 statuettes. Mainly due to the Irishman and Marital History, both films are nominated in the most important category, the film of the year. The first production was nominated for a total of up to 9 times, and the second can count on 6 statuettes, including the main actors, ie. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. Another hit Netflix, ie. Two popes, has been nominated in 3 categories, American Factory and The Edge of Democracy compete for the title of best documentary, and Klaus and I Lost My Baby will compete for the title of the animation. Number of nominations is so surprising and significant that Netflix until last year lived to see his first appointments, and more caused a real storm and environment division of the film, part of which called for blocking the start of the video streaming platform in the Oscar-winning race. Your opinion on this topic uttered aloud even Steven Spielberg, but talking is over, especially the voice took on even the US Department of Justice, recalling that such a move the organization awarding Oscars is against the law.It was enough to leave the Academy voted for subscriptions unchanged, which means that the full-length films produced specifically for streaming services will still be able to fight for the Oscars, even if only for one week will be shown in the cinema in Los Angeles. Anyway, although the amount of appointment itself is impressive and ennobling, as it shows the situation with the Golden Globes, nothing is certain. But everything we know already on the night of 09/10 February because it was then held 92 ceremony of the film awards.

InSight probe has made amazing discoveries on Mars

The device NASA runs a very important research inside of the Red Planet for a year. Scientists with the service mission reported that the probe recorded earthquakes in the area in which it is located.This is a very important discovery, because it shows that Mars is still geologically active. InSight probe is located in the Elysium Planitia. This vast plains extending around the planet’s equator. Scientists do not accidentally chose this place. Research conducted by the orbiters have shown that this is where there is the greatest chance of obtaining information on the geology of this object. Now we know that they came to the spot. Registration of seismic activity took place a few days ago by an instrument called SEIS (Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure), which is specially designed and built by French scientists was designed to study Mars earthquakes.Until now, the scientific world believed that on this planet there is no longer seismic activity. It disappeared billions of years ago, and the best result are extinct volcanoes. Here one must emphasize that they are the largest of this type of objects in the solar system. Olympus Mons rises to up to 27 kilometers above the surrounding plain. Scientists at JPL reported that since the setting instrument on the planet, which took place in November 2018, was able to register up to 300 seismic events. Interestingly, most of them were poor, but the main thing that managed to detect the first tectonic fault on this fascinating planet. It is called the Cerberus Fossae and is located approx. 1600 km east of the landing site probe InSight. Cerberus Fossae extends for up to 1,300 kilometers of the planet and is active from the last few million years. For scientists this is an important discovery. You may be able to identify the more active areas and exploit their geothermal potential in order to build and maintain the first colony on Mars. Earthquakes on Mars is undoubtedly a major event in the world of space exploration. Before our eyes is born just learning a new discipline: “seismology Mars.” In the above footage you can hear the sound of a seismic shock illustrating registered 6 April 2019 year, 128 day stay InSight probe on Mars. The sound from both sets of sensors has been accelerated by a factor of 60, because the actual vibrations on the Red Planet would not be audible to the human ear.

Tests of genetic modification of mosquitoes are out of control

Mosquitoes recently a big problem all over the world, but especially in the regions where these insects bites can lead to infection deadly disease.I recently wrote about a successful experiment on two islands Chinese province of Guangdong, where almost completely exterminated the population of one of the most invasive species of mosquito. Through genetic engineering could then destroy 94% of females of Asian mosquito tiger – specially bred females are sterilized by low doses of radiation, and males by the bacterium Wolbachia, and then released into the wild at the top of the breeding season 2016 and 2017 years on two islands around Guangzhou. The results proved to be impressive, because females have disappeared almost completely, and says Peter Armbruster, an ecologist dealing with this topic, is the most effective in the history of an attempt to reduce the amount of tiger mosquitoes, which are famous for their incredible survival. Practically do not respond to conventional methods of controlling quantities and are very invasive, because over the last 40 years, they have hit Asia on virtually every continent, and must be remembered that their presence brings with it serious health risks because They carry many deadly diseases like malaria and dengue.However, as shown by the case of Brazil, this method is not always effective – during long-term tests around the city of Jacobina were released modified male mosquito Egypt, which after pairing with wild mosquitos had drastically reduce the amount of them offspring, in addition, it would be too weak, to even survive. On paper it sounded all logical and would lead to a reduction in the amount of mosquitoes in the region of 85%, thereby reducing the dengue infection, Zika, yellow fever or malaria. Sorry, something went wrong and how scientists have discovered just of Yale University, now the population of mosquitoes returned to pre-treatment, and for that … the mosquitoes are stronger than ever, because they carry the genes modified mosquito by scientists. According to one of them – argued that genes modified mosquitoes do not get into the wild population, because the offspring will be too weak to live. Of course, it has become quite different.During tests lasting 27 months, were released every week on freedom of approx. 450,000 males modified, giving a total of tens of millions of insects. To have comparative material, the researchers carefully examined the genomes of genetically modified and wild animals. For the first time before the start of the test, and then 12, 27 and 30 months of initiation. As a result, we know that, although actually decreased the ability of mosquitoes to issue offspring, that it was stronger than expected and partly capable of further reproduction, which led to mixing genomes. Moreover, as we already know the population of mosquitoes actually it decreased initially, but it was enough 18 months to come back to normal, and what is worse, it seems that mosquitoes are now even more difficult to eradicate than before. Firstly, there is a resilient mix, and for that females are now able to sense the modified males and do not want them to evaporate! And while researchers ensure that this new blend does not increase risk to people, and so it is not something to be glad because he seemed to have lost the most effective weapon in the fight against the mosquito plague.