Teen Wolf Kira spin-off almost came into being

On the occasion of the reunion of the team of “Teen Wolf” within the framework of the program “MTV Reunion”, Jeff Davis, the creator of the series, revealed that a spin-off centered on Kira, the Kitsune embodied by Arden Cho, had been envisioned at one time.

To celebrate the 9 years of Teen Wolf, launched in June 2011 on MTV, and to raise money for the benefit of the association First Responders First, which aims to buy equipment to protect the nursing staff during the coronavirus epidemic, the showrunner and a large part of the actors of the cult teen series, including Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien, met on Friday for a meeting that did not fail to warm the hearts of fans. And if the idea of ​​a season 7 or a reboot has obviously been raised, one of the biggest revelations made during this special issue concerns a series derived from Teen Wolf which almost came about a few years ago years if you believe Jeff Davis’ statements.

Asked by Josh Horowitz, the presenter of this first issue of “MTV Reunion”, on the future of Kira after his departure from Beacon Hills, the actress Arden Cho replied that she hoped for something “epic” for her character, although she can’t remember exactly how Kira ended up leaving the show. “I think the last time [we saw her] she was with the Skinwalkers. I can’t remember what happened,” she said, amused. And it was then that Jeff Davis, the creator of Teen Wolf, revealed that a spin-off around the Kira had been envisaged at one time, certainly to clarify the questions left unanswered and allow fans to discover the continuation of Kira’s adventures after leaving Beacon Hills.

Introduced during season 3 of Teen Wolf, Kira had quickly become one of the central characters in the series, because of her relationship with Scott (Tyler Posey) and her link with the supernatural world since she was none other than ‘a Kitsune. Arden Cho had however announced in 2016 that she would not participate in the sixth and final season of the adventures of the werewolves of Beacon Hills, thus leaving her character on a rather open end since in the finale of season 5 Kira was left to join the Skinwalkers, a metamorphic tribe living in the desert, in the hope of being able to master their powers. We do not know why this spin-off did not finally materialize, as a series centered on Kira could have allowed the writers to deepen the mythology of Kitsune (already at the heart of season 3) as well as that of the Skinwalkers. With the passing of an appearance of Tyler Posey from time to time? Three years after the end of Teen Wolf at the end of six seasons and no less than 100 episodes, the chances of seeing such a derivative series become reality seem tiny, even nonexistent, but Arden Cho is in any case visibly ready for the idea of find her character since at the mention of the spin-off abandoned by Jeff Davis, she launched a “Let’s do it. I’m ready” very enthusiastic which says a lot.