Tenet IMAX employees love Christopher Nolans new film

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“Tenet”: IMAX employees love Christopher Nolan’s new film

There are still no reviews of the hotly anticipated sci-fi thriller by Christopher Nolan. IMAX boss Rich Gelfond, however, reports on employees who are said to have seen “Tenet” on the (very) big screen and were thrilled.

After several postponements caused by corona, Warner has now decided to finally bring “Tenet” to the cinemas (Germany should be on August 26, the USA, which is still heavily affected by Corona, not until September 3). Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi film is enormously important for the cinemas: In Germany, for example, where the cinemas are open again, so far only a few people have gone, certainly also because the big films are missing.

Germany should be on August 26th

Like other Nolan factories before, “Tenet” should also be shown on the very largest cinema screens, in halls designed according to IMAX standards. And it will obviously be worthwhile to watch “Tenet” there. In any case, IMAX boss Rich Gelfond reports enthusiastic reactions from his employees.

Finally great cinema again

Rich Gelfond: “Several people at IMAX were involved in the post production of ‘Tenet’. Her reaction was, ‘Oh my god, I forgot how great it is to be in a movie.’ ‘Tenet’ is just a beautifully filmed, beautifully made, wonderful film. By the way, not only one person of one age group was enthusiastic. There were several IMAX employees who spontaneously said that to me. “

Oh my god, I forgot how great it is to be in a movie.

This statement by Rich Gelfond is quoted in the industry magazine Deadline. You have to know that Gelfond was in conversation with stock market analysts, so he had a great interest in making his company look good – after all, IMAX is even more dependent than ordinary cinemas on “Tenet” being a success (by no means every movie was shot for the IMAX cinema Cmovieshd “Tenet”). So you have to watch the hymns of praise with caution, they don’t come from an independent source.

However, we can already imagine that the IMAX employees were really excited to see “Tenet” – or scenes from it – on the big screen. Christopher Nolan is a staunch advocate of the cinema experience (and is said to have advocated internally that his more than $ 200 million film should be released sooner rather than later).

Nolan films belong on the big screen! The author of these lines, for example, is not a fan of the director, but still remembers the impressive experience of watching Christopher Nolan’s war film “Dunkirk” in the cinema instead of on some booger screen. Incidentally, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an IMAX cinema, of which there are only eight in Germany anyway.

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